Empowering sport communities worldwide through innovation and giveback.

pandaHAUS was founded by athletes in Calgary with dreams to reach sport communities around the world. Our goal is to support athletes and the communities who support them, with an innovative and meanfingful movement in social networking.

Here at pandaHAUS, we believe that every individual has something to contribute, from mentorship and education to monetary and emotional support. By connecting with the sports we care about, from the pros to the pee-wees, from coaches to fans, we can significantly impact the next generation.

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SHARE photos, videos, stories, news, and tips within your community

ENGAGE with friends, clients, and famous athletes in both private and group settings

GIVE-BACK and support foundations, teams, and help athletes reach their full potential

LEARN from trainers, teams, and world-class athletes

FOLLOW your favorite athletes from around the world

EARN panda points which can be monetized and shared

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